Mindmap Resources Page

On this page you will find a number of mindmap resources which will help you to start making mindmaps and to mindmap your thoughts, information and ideas better and faster.

Software Mindmap Resources

Here are a couple of good mind mapping tools. You may want to check them out, download them and then purchase them if you want to.

MindMapper Professional
Best Price 249.95

MindMapper Standard
Best Price 124.95

MindMapper Academic
Best Price 124.95


Book MindMap Resources

Below are a number of mind mapping books which could be interesting for you. I included only 2 books (co)written by Tony Buzan. This is done to give other writers/trainers also a place to show what their idea about mind mapping is.


Training Mindmap Resources

Here are a number of (online) training courses and coaching programs.

Let me know if you have any recommendations on tools, software or other mindmap resources that need to be added to this page!