Guest Posting on Mindmap Central

You can write along with me on this website. If you have ideas, thoughts and information the readers of Mindmap Central can learn from, I want to invite you to share that. Here are the rules for guest posts:

  • You have to write about mind mapping in a business or academic context
  • Make your article at least 800 words of quality material
  • Write an article that helps, educates, instructs the readers of Mindmap Central, remember, this is not about you or me…
  • Create something original. Don’t used spinned material or old material you already had. Write for the purpose of sharing it on Mindmap Central
  • You can use two links in the about section at the end of the article to link back to your site. No affiliate links, no links for SEO purposes only!
  • Make sure the article is clear, without errors in spelling or grammar
  • The images you use in the article should be royalty free. Include a line that gives credit to the owner of the image
  • You can submit the article in a Word format or Pages format

You can submit your article using the contact form page. Introduce yourself first please, I like to know who is writing articles.

When you can’t or won’t meet the rules above, your article will be rejected.

Your article will be placed online as soon as possible.

I look forward to your articles!